sap calculations for extensions​

Do you need a SAP calculations for extensions?  We can help.

SAP Calculations For Extensions

So, you’ve had plans drawn up for your new extension. Lot’s of glazing to let the light in. Your’re really excited at the prospect of enjoying a glass of wine on a summers eve’ in there. That’s when your friendly know it all neighbour points out that “you need SAP calculations for extensions

sap calculations for extensions

Now, building regulations state that the proposed glazed area within your new extension must not exceed 25% of the proposed extension floor area.

“So what happens when I have more than 25%” you ask?

Well, that’s where we come in.

How Does It Work and What’s The Process?

Doing  SAP calculations for extensions is slightly different than SAP calculations for New Builds or even SAP calculations for conversions.

Although the principles are the same there are different methods of compliance and also we are adhering to Part L1B of the building regulations.

Don’t worry, we’ve done thousands of SAP calculations for extensions and we will ensure everything runs smoothly for your extension.

We will assess your extension from the plans and specification you or your architect provide us.

From our experience, the vast majority of projects we assess achieve a pass first time. However, if a pass is not achieved we shall put forward cost effective solutions to achieve a pass.

We can suggest a number of measures such as:

  • Increase in insulation or quality of insulation
  • Higher performing glazing
  • Improvements to the existing dwelling

What Do I need To Provide?

In order for us to carry out the SAP calculation for your extension we will need you to provide as much of the following information as possible:

  • Floor Plans, sections & elevations for existing dwelling & extension
  • Site Plan showing North point
  • Construction Specification of walls, roofs and floors for existing dwelling & extension
  • Openings Specification
  • Primary & Secondary Heating systems
  • Renewable Technology (if any)

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