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Need SAP calculations for conversions? Whether you’re looking to convert a barn or perhaps a building into flats, we have you covered.

What Are SAP Calculations For Conversions?

SAP Calculations for conversions come into play when you change a commercial to residential meaning changing a building so there has been a material change of use. 

Or maybe you’re converting a barn or building into flats or other dwelling?


saps conversions

Even if you’re planning a garage conversion so that it becomes part of the habitable dwelling. Then we can provide a SAP calculation to demonstrate compliance with part L1B of the building regulations.

So, Whats A Material Change Of use?

A material change of use is defined to be where, after the change:

  • The building is used as a dwelling, where previously it was not

  • The building contains a flat, where previously it did not

  • The building, which contains at least one dwelling, contains a greater or lesser number of dwellings than it did previously.

OK, Great.  What’s The Process?

We undertake a SAP calculation of your conversion.  This is based on plans and construction specification you provide.  

We’ll make recommendations in order to achieve a pass.  Once we get that pass we need, we’ll finalise the Design SAPS and issue reports to submit to building control.

Once your project is near completion we will then update the SAPS if their has been any changes to the specification.

If everything still passes we will then finalise the As Built SAPS and issue compliance reports and an EPC.

What will I need to provide Exactly?

Good question.  As with all our SAPS we require the following:

  • Floor plans, elevation drawings, section drawings and a site plan;

  • Construction specification;

  • Mechanical and electrical specification; and

  • Details of any renewable technology, such as solar hot water or photovoltaics.

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