Air Tightness Testing

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What Is Air Tightness Testing?

Air Tightness Testing is a mandatory requirement for new buildings under Part L of the Building Regulations.

An air tightness test, (also knows as air permeability testing, air leakage testing or air pressure testing) is test to measure the level of uncontrolled air flow through gaps or cracks in the fabric of a building.

To be qualified to perform air tightness testing you need to become a member of on or all of the air tightness associations out there such as ATTMA or the iATS scheme.

Why Is An Air Tightness Test Required?

If you are building a dwelling then according to Approved Document L1A, with very few exceptions, you must conduct an air tightness test.

For developments where there are two or more dwellings an air leakage test should be performed on the fewer of the following:

  • Three units of each dwelling type

  • 50% of all instances of that dwelling type.

For small developments where no more than two dwellings are constructed, you can in theory avoid the need for any tightness test altogether. The only problem with this is that you have to default to an air tightness value of 15m3/h/m2 within the DER/TER calculations.

Obviously this will have a detrimental effect on your SAP calculations and so it may be better to just get an air tightness test anyway.

What’s The Process?

Firstly, we will review your plans and also get a hold of your Design Stage SAP Calculations to give us the envelope areas and design air permeability figures.

Then we will book in a time to visit your site and perform our tests.  

We’ll also provide you with a checklist of things required before and during our visit such as:

  • Ensure the building envelope is complete
  • Tape all ventilation within the build
  • Access to an external door
  • Require two 110 / 240v live electric sockets

If the property fails we will advise on remedial measures and re-test.

Once passed we will provide you with air test certificates for building control.

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